8. Download, unzip and open the Greenfoot world WJECAquarium and familiarise yourself with its contents.

(a) Populate the world with a crab, at least two sharks and at least two fish. [3]

(b) Edit the fish and sharks so that they turn and move randomly. [3]

(c) Edit the program code to make the crab move at an appropriate speed in the direction of the arrow keys when pressed. [2]

(d) Edit the crab so that it “eats” a fish when they collide (removes the fish from the world). [1]

(e) Add a sound which will play every time the crab “eats” a fish. [1]

(f) Add a counter and edit the code so that the counter displays how many fish have been “eaten” by the crab. [2]

(g) Edit the code so that the counter loses a point (1 point is deducted) if the shark “eats” a fish. [2]

(h) Save your completed world as FullAquarium. [1]

Have you zipped up your completed world folder?

**Remember to upload your zipped folder of your completed world on the Resource page. Click on tab 1**